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Giving Back

When we started talking about the shape Constelación would take we had a thousand different ideas about things we could and should do. One thing we were very clear on right from the start, is that in some way we wanted to give back to our communities. All of our communities. That includes the places we live, the places we come from, and the industry we belong to. In this space we'll talk about our plans for doing that.

* First, we're going to work with local artisans. We're collaborating with silversmiths and woodworkers from Paraguay and Puerto Rico to source the rewards for our upcoming Kickstarter. We are contracting with places like which employs and educates local artists to get beautiful and unique pieces of art.

* Second, we're going to give away issues of our magazine to online spaces for writers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Places where writers in the speculative genres gather to talk about the craft and business of writing. We think this is an important way to bridge the gap in literature between the Americas.

* Third, next year we're going to sponsor participation for writers in Latin America and the Caribbean for online conventions or workshops. We think it's important that writers from Latin America and the Caribbean who want to get exposed to the speculative fiction industry in the United States have the opportunity to do so. After all, an online conference is where the seed that became Constelación germinated and we want to see the other beautiful creations that can grow from the cross-pollination of our communities.

If you are a writer or artisan located in Latin America or the Caribbean contact us at we'd love to meet you!

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