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Operations Announcement

This announcement is being cross-posted on our Kickstarter, Patreon, and web pages on March 14, 2022.

By now, most of you have probably noticed that the Constelación Magazine Year 1 timeline has been behind for several months. This has been due to the convergence of a number of personal difficulties members of our team have experienced. With that in mind, I've made a few decisions about where we go from here:

  • We're going to cease operations for a period of six months. We've already stopped charging recurring fees taken through Paypal and Patreon as of January and intend to keep it that way throughout this period. At that time (roughly the middle of September 2022) I'll make another announcement regarding what will happen going forward.

  • Before ceasing operations I will have all of the physical items promised from our Kickstarter shipped and out the door as long as the survey was complete as of yesterday (March 13th). Surveys completed today and going forward will likely have a long wait time before being shipped.

  • This is a decision I should have made months ago, but I was hopeful that I would be able to power through my difficulties. I have now realized that is not possible without taking an actual break.

  • If you are a writer in our submissions pile, I am very sorry. I won't offer excuses. You've been waiting a long time and it's unacceptable. You can withdraw your submission at this or any time if that is what you think is best for you and your story. If you wish to continue waiting, please consider all stories currently in our slush pile to be simultaneous submissions going forward with our full blessing. We only ask that you drop us a note if you sell that story before we resume reading.

I'm not sure what's going to happen when we resume in September. It seems likely that issue #3 will happen (albeit much later than we wanted) and that issue #4 probably will not. That is by no means the only outcome possible at this point, but it is my best guess.

After all this time I would like to have firm answers to give you. Unfortunately, the only answer I have to all queries going forward is that we will resume operations in September 2022.

Thank you.

Coral Alejandra Moore, co-Editor and co-Publisher

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