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September Announcement.

This message will be cross-posted on the Constelación website, our Kickstarter Updates, and our Patreon.

Hello again,

I’m here with the promised update in September. I’m going to start by saying thank you to all of you for your patience through this delay. I think it was important, and the only thing I could do given the circumstances.

I’m just going to rip the bandage off. Constelación will be closing its doors. This was a difficult decision for me. Many of you know exactly what this magazine meant to me and coming to this realization has broken my heart. I will share, to the best of my ability the reasons for this. When I began this endeavor, this was a two-person partnership. At this point, I have not heard from my partner for more than eight months. There has been no communication with me in that time, so I’m going to call that relationship ended. I don’t know what happened and I don’t have any more information to give on that front. (Please do not reach out to her asking what happened. This is not a request to do so.)

Unfortunately, that put the magazine in an untenable position. My partner was doing much of the day-to-day translation work on the website and social media, and I simply am not confident enough in my Spanish to take that on. For the same reason I can’t be a Spanish language editor. While there were possibilities of finding someone to do that work, I am a bit hurt after all this and honestly am not in the proper mindset to establish new relationships to try to resuscitate the magazine. My heart is just not in it anymore.

I have, I believe, paid all outstanding money that was owed for fiction, non-fiction, art, editing, and translation. If you are owed money by the entity Constelación, please let me know as soon as possible and I will fix that oversight.

I’ll take each group of people with stake in the future of the magazine individually and let you know what will be happening. If you have questions about anything, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer.


I am very sorry to those who have been waiting in our submission pile. As soon as I post this, I am going into Moksha to set all of what remains free.

To those who were published in Issues #1 & #2, I am going to keep the website up as long as it is monetarily possible for me to do so to enable you to link to your stories where they live there. I will be gradually transitioning the Spanish language website so that we will no longer have to host two different websites to save some overhead there and will only have a single translatable page.

I’m going to put up the rest of the issue #2 stories over the next couple of weeks. I’m sorry for the delay on that. I should have done it a long time ago.

Kickstarter Backers:

All physical rewards for surveys that have been filled out have been sent with the exception of those in Australia that were sent back while USPS was not delivering. If you still have not received your items, please let me know and I’ll do my best to make that right. If you still haven’t filled out your survey, please do so soon. I’m going to close all fulfilment at the end of November just to tie everything up.

I have already refunded a few reward tiers that there was no possible way to fulfill at this point. If you believe you’re due a refund, send that request and I’ll process them as they come in until I run out of funds to do so or until the end of November. All money that remains in the Constelación account at that point will be used to keep the website going as long as possible.

Patreon Backers:

I’m going to close the Patreon account for the magazine very soon. You should not have been billed since January. If at that point you were due a physical reward that you have not received, please reach out to me via message on Patreon and I’ll get that out to you in the near future.

Discord Members:

I’m going to head to Discord in a few minutes to ask folks there what they would like to do. It doesn’t cost anything, and in the past it has been a very cool place to hang out. I’m tempted to keep it open and try to encourage some fun conversations there about things that might interest folks. If you’re on there, head on over and let me know if that’s a thing you might like.


Thank you for all you have done to help the magazine thrive. I’m sorry for my uncommunicativeness the last few months. This is not at all a reflection on you and your excellent work, but was my terrible coping mechanism for the situation. Thank you so much for everything you have done. Please, if you ever need anything, reach out and I will do my best to help.


I think that’s everyone. If I have left you out of this list, I didn’t mean to. Please reach out and ask any questions you have and I will do my very best to answer them.

Just one final thought and I’ll let you go on your way:

It was my joy to have a hand in bringing this beautiful creation into being and I will take those good feelings with me in all that I do going forward. My wish for you is that you do the same.

Coral Alejandra Moore

Co-Editor, Co-Publisher, and Mermaid-in-Chief of Constelación Magazine

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